Experience the deep charm of Kochi Prefecture! My gourmet trip digging deep into history

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Experience the deep charm of Kochi Prefecture! My journey to dig deeper into history

Footsteps to Kochi Prefecture and my first impressions

Why I visited Kochi Prefecture

I have traveled to all 47 prefectures in Japan, but Kochi Prefecture was a particularly impressive place. I love Japan, of course, but also because I can feel the charm of each place by experiencing its history and culture. However, Kochi Prefecture had a different charm than other places.

I first visited Kochi Prefecture after a friend told me that it was a beautiful place where history and nature coexist. Fascinated by those words, I decided to visit Kochi Prefecture.

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Kochi Prefecture’s fascinating history

Kochi Prefecture has been deeply involved in Japanese history as the center of the Tosa domain. In particular, it is known to many people as the place where patriots at the end of the Edo period, such as Ryoma Sakamoto and Shintaro Nakaoka, were active. I visited the Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum in Kochi City and was able to learn more about Ryoma’s life and the background of the era he lived in.

Additionally, Kochi Prefecture is home to many historic buildings and sites dating back to the Edo period, and each one has its own unique story. For example, Kochi Castle is one of only 12 castles in Japan with an existing castle tower, and is said to be visited by about 700,000 tourists a year on average.

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My favorite spot: Katsurahama

Kochi Prefecture is not only full of historical spots, but also many beautiful places blessed with nature. Among them, my favorite is “Katsurahama”. Katsurahama is a picturesque landscape with clear blue sea and white sand.

When I visited Katsurahama, the first thing that struck me was the beautiful color of the sea. The blue gradation was so beautiful that it looked like it was mixed with paint. There is also a bronze statue of Ryoma Sakamoto in Katsurahama, and you can feel his feelings and thoughts at the time while looking out at the beautiful ocean behind him.

Kochi Prefecture is an attractive place where historical background and natural beauty coexist. Based on my experiences and impressions during my visit, I would like to explore the charms of Kochi Prefecture even more deeply. In the next part, I will introduce the gourmet food and traditional culture of Kochi Prefecture based on my own experiences.

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Taste and traditional culture of Kochi – Exploring the unknown charms

Kochi Gourmet – A Paradise of Fresh Fish and Local Cuisine

Speaking of Kochi Prefecture, it is known for its fresh seafood thanks to its geographical location surrounded by the sea. When I visited, the first place I visited was Kochi City’s Sunday Market. This market, which is held every Sunday, is a place filled with local vegetables, fish, handmade products, and more, and stretches for approximately 1.3 km.

What particularly caught my attention here was the fresh seared bonito. The straw-roasted bonito was fragrant on the outside and plump on the inside, and its taste was different from other areas. I also tried a local Kochi dish called “Tosakan”. This dish made with chicken cartilage had a unique texture that made it addictive.

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Traditional Culture – Stage of Yosakoi Festival

Speaking of Kochi Prefecture’s culture, you cannot miss the Yosakoi Festival. This festival started in Kochi City in 1954 and is now held all over the country. I also visited during this festival and was overwhelmed by the dynamic dance, bright costumes, and rhythm of the live music.

The appeal of Yosakoi lies in its fusion of tradition and innovation. Although it is based on classical music and dance, each team adds their own unique arrangements and choreography, and their creativity is tested. Through this festival, I was able to strongly feel the passion and creative spirit of the people of Kochi Prefecture.

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Traditional Crafts – The Aesthetics of Tosa Washi

Kochi Prefecture is also known for producing traditional Japanese paper called Tosa Washi. Due to its durability and beauty, this paper is used not only for calligraphy, printmaking, and traditional crafts, but has also recently attracted attention in the field of design.

I visited a facility called Tosa Washi no Sato in Nakamura City, Kochi Prefecture, and tried my hand at making washi paper. The process of making each piece of washi paper by hand shows the care and love that goes into it, and I was captivated by the beauty and texture of the finished paper.

Kochi Prefecture has a wide range of attractions, from gourmet food to traditional culture and crafts. By experiencing the culture and food that are rooted in the local characteristics and history, I was able to feel the deep charm of the area. In the next part, I will introduce the natural charms of Kochi Prefecture and the spots I recommend when I visit.

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Kochi’s natural charms and memorable spots

Amazing natural beauty – clear streams and mountains

Kochi Prefecture’s charm lies in its rich nature. Beautiful clear streams and mountains spread throughout the prefecture, and you can enjoy the scenery of each season. In particular, the Niyodo River, Japan’s last clear stream, has a beautiful scenery with its high transparency and verdant mountains.

During my visit, the canoeing experience on this river was very impressive. The experience of walking through nature, listening to the sound of running water, chirping birds, and the sound of the wind rustling through the trees, was like a cleansing experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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A memorable spot – Kannonji Temple in Tosa

In Kochi Prefecture, there is a pilgrimage route called “Shikoku 88 Places”. Among them, Kannonji Temple is the 33rd temple and is crowded with many worshipers. This Kannon-ji Temple is located halfway up a mountain, and you can see the cityscape of Kochi City and the sea from the precincts.

When I visited, I was first overwhelmed by the majestic scenery. In the midst of this, I was exposed to the history and atmosphere of Kannonji Temple, where time quietly ticks by, and the passionate faith of the worshipers, and I felt that the small worries and difficulties of everyday life are trivial in this big world. Ta.

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Rediscover local charm – Shimanto Adventure Museum

Kochi Prefecture has many unknown charms in its nature, history, and culture. One of them is the Shimanto Adventure Museum. This facility is loved by locals and tourists as a spot where you can experience Kochi Prefecture’s nature, history, and traditional culture.

I also learned about Tosa’s traditional fishing methods, local ecosystem, legends, and history here. In particular, I was able to hear the history and legends of Tosa told by local people, which are not found in guidebooks, and was able to rediscover the deep charm of the area.


My trip to Kochi Prefecture was an unforgettable one for me. Its history, culture, and natural beauty give us new discoveries and excitement every time we visit. I would like to continue to delve deeper into the charms of Kochi Prefecture and convey its charms. My journey continues, so stay tuned for the next one!

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Historical buildings selected by Kasumi

Due to its rich historical background and cultural heritage, Kochi Prefecture is dotted with many historical buildings. This time, I, Kasumi, would like to introduce five historical buildings in Kochi Prefecture that I found particularly attractive. I will also add “Kasumi Points” to each building to convey its charm from my perspective.

1. Kochi Castle (Kochi City)

Kasumi points:

Kochi Castle is known as one of the 12 castles with the original castle tower still in existence. The beauty of the stone walls and turret is particularly impressive, and it is rated as the best-preserved castle in Shikoku. You will be overwhelmed by the weight of its history and the beauty of its architecture.

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2. Hata County History and Folklore Museum (Hata County)

Kasumi points:

This museum is a facility where you can learn about the history and folklore of the Hata region. The exhibit that recreates a private house from the Edo period is especially worth seeing, and allows you to get a feel for the daily life and lifestyle of the local area.

3. Cape Muroto Lighthouse (Muroto City)

Kasumi points:

Cape Muroto Lighthouse is a historic building that has been selected as one of Japan’s top 50 lighthouses. This lighthouse, built in the Meiji period, is also known as a scenic spot with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. The appeal is that you can enjoy history and spectacular views at the same time.

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4. Former Yamauchi family residence (Kochi City)

Kasumi points:

The Yamauchi family is a historical family known as the feudal lord of the Tosa domain. The Shimoyashiki is loved by many tourists as a place where you can feel the history and culture of the Tosa domain. The vast grounds and Japanese garden are also highlights.

5. Tosa Ichinomiya Shrine (Konan City)

Kasumi points:

Tosa Ichinomiya Shrine is known as the oldest shrine in Kochi Prefecture. This shrine is visited by many people as a center of ancient faith. In particular, the temple grounds are filled with old trees, allowing you to fully feel the historical atmosphere.

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These historical buildings have become special spots for me, Kasumi, as places where you can deeply feel the history and culture of Kochi Prefecture. When you visit Kochi Prefecture, we hope you will take a tour of these buildings and experience their charm.