Yamanashi, the land of grapes and Fuji: A complete travel guide with historical background and exquisite cuisine

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Deep dive into the charm of Yamanashi Prefecture! Breathtaking views and experiences during a trip to all prefectures

What is the hidden charm of Yamanashi Prefecture? -Scenic spots from my point of view

About Yamanashi Prefecture – Introduction and Basic Information

I have traveled to all 47 prefectures of Japan, but Yamanashi Prefecture is a special place. Yamanashi Prefecture is located in the Kanto region and is known as a land rich in nature. With an average temperature of about 15°C, you can enjoy a variety of activities throughout the four seasons.

A scenic spot that touched my heart

There are many scenic spots in Yamanashi Prefecture, but the night view of “Kofu City” was particularly impressive. Kofu City is the prefectural capital of Yamanashi Prefecture and is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains. At night, the city lights illuminate the mountains, shining like stars.

Also, “Kawaguchiko” where you can see “Mt. Fuji” steals my heart every time I visit. The reflections on the surface of the lake in the stillness of the morning are just like a painting. This view is one of the spots recommended by the Japanese travel service JTB.

My experience in Yamanashi Prefecture

The most impressive experience in Yamanashi Prefecture was “Grape picking in Kofu”. Yamanashi Prefecture is known as one of Japan’s leading grape producing areas, and many farms offer hands-on grape picking. At the farm called “Yume no Kajuen” that I visited, there was a statistic that more than 200 tourists visited the farm every day. The fun of actually picking the grapes and the fresh taste of eating them on the spot was an experience that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Excellent food and recommended activities in Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi Gourmet – A Treasure Trove of Unforgettable Flavors

Yamanashi Prefecture is famous for its fruits such as grapes and peaches, but that’s not all. My favorite is “Hoto”. A hot pot dish made with thick noodles and vegetables unique to this region is the perfect way to warm up a cold body. In particular, the hoto from a shop called “Kofu Hoto Honpo” healed the fatigue of my trip and warmed my heart.

Also, the fresh taste of “Shine Muscat” is unforgettable. This fruit, which is sold in many fruit shops and supermarkets “AEON”, has a reputation for being particularly delicious from Yamanashi Prefecture.

Activities to experience in Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi Prefecture’s rich natural environment is perfect for outdoor activities. I especially recommend trekking at the Yatsugatake Natural and Cultural Park in Hokuto City. There is no doubt that you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery in front of you during the season of fresh greenery and autumn leaves.

We also recommend canoeing and boating around Lake Kawaguchi. Activities while feeling the tranquility of the lake and the majestic view of Mt. Fuji up close will make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

Comparing the charm of Yamanashi Prefecture with other prefectures

Differences between Yamanashi Prefecture and other places in Japan

What I felt when I traveled all over Japan is that each prefecture has its own charm. However, the natural beauty of Yamanashi Prefecture and the unique culture and food of the region make it a bit different from other places.

For example, the vast land of Hokkaido and the blue sea of Okinawa are wonderful, but Yamanashi Prefecture has a rich historical background and traditional culture. I feel that this gives the region’s scenery and cuisine a unique depth.

Reasons to visit again

The fact that there are still many places and experiences in Yamanashi that I do not know, and the memories from my past trips are the main reasons for revisiting. In particular, the warmth of the locals and the adventurous spirit of exploring delicious, unknown foods is what draws me back to Yamanashi Prefecture.

Yamanashi Prefecture is a jewel of Japan, filled with natural beauty, historical background, local culture and food. Once you visit, you will definitely be fascinated by its charm. Consider Yamanashi Prefecture as your next destination.

The future of Yamanashi Prefecture – A region that evolves with the younger generation

Yamanashi Prefecture’s New Efforts

In recent years, Yamanashi Prefecture has started various initiatives to attract the younger generation in addition to tourism. In particular, projects that support startups that make use of local traditions and technology, and projects that encourage young people to migrate have become conspicuous.

For example, at the Yamanashi Innovation Center, seminars are held regularly to propose new business models that utilize local resources and to support careers as entrepreneurs.

An era when young people and local communities join hands

I feel that the future of Yamanashi Prefecture is bright, as the number of lodging facilities and co-working spaces for young people, such as the Kofu Youth Hostel, has increased. At these facilities, tourists and young people who are thinking of moving to the area interact with local people and come up with new ideas and projects.

My Expectations for Yamanashi Prefecture

The charm of Yamanashi Prefecture is not limited to nature and food culture. The region and young people grow together and are full of energy to create new value. I will continue to support the further development of Yamanashi Prefecture from the bottom of my heart and continue to convey its charm to many people.


In summary, Yamanashi Prefecture is a special place in Japan where history and tradition, natural beauty and local warmth come together. Many people will continue to visit this area and continue to discover new values and attractions. Please visit Yamanashi Prefecture as your next travel destination.

Historical building chosen by Kasumi

Yamanashi Prefecture is dotted with many buildings where you can feel the history and culture of Japan. Here, I would like to introduce five historical buildings that I found particularly impressive in Kasumi. We will give each of them a “kasumi point” and explain their charms.

Kofu Castle (Kofu City)

    – Kasumi Point: Kofu Castle was built during the Warring States period, and many warlords ruled this area. You can feel the history up close, such as the stone walls, the moat, and the ruins of the castle tower.

Isawa Onsen Old Fujiya Ryokan (Fuefuki City)

    – Kasumi Point: This building, which retains the architectural style of the Meiji era, has a retro atmosphere. The beautiful structure that conveys the formality of a luxury inn at that time is worth seeing.

Katsunuma Inari Shrine (Koshu City)

– Kasumi Point: Known not only for its historical value, but also for being a shrine surrounded by beautiful nature. You can feel the history along with the scenery of the four seasons.

Kanazakura Shrine (Yamanashi City)

– Kasumi Point: Built in the Heian period, this shrine is one of the oldest in Yamanashi prefecture. The stately wooden architecture and the stone steps in the precincts tell the story of its long history.

Moegi Village (Hokuto City)

– Kasumi Point: An area that reproduces the lifestyle of old Japan, such as old houses and storehouses that have been relocated to this area. Through wooden buildings and everyday tools, you can get a glimpse of how people used to live.

These are the 5 historical buildings in Yamanashi that I, Kasumi, have selected. Each has its own unique charm, and every time you visit, you can feel the depth of Japanese history and culture.

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