Secrets of sightseeing in Miyazaki Prefecture! A fascinating gourmet and history guide!

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Secrets of sightseeing in Miyazaki Prefecture! A fascinating gourmet and history guide!

Explore the hidden charms of Miyazaki Prefecture!

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

1.1 Miyazaki Prefecture’s beautiful natural and historical background

Miyazaki Prefecture is located in the Kyushu region of Japan and is rich in nature and history. I, Kasumi, have experienced many discoveries and encounters in this beautiful land. Above all, Miyazaki Prefecture’s nature has a beauty that sets it apart from other regions. From spectacular coastlines to deep mountains, the diversity is astounding.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

1.2 Beautiful scenery of Aoshima coast

First, I visited Aoshima Beach in Miyazaki City. This is a scenic spot with a white sandy beach and emerald green sea. A walk in the morning silence made me forget the hustle and bustle of the city and was a time to cleanse my soul. What remained in my heart was the mystical atmosphere of Aoshima Shrine and the gentle flow of time that I felt there.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

1.3 Historical tourist destinations in Miyazaki Prefecture

Miyazaki also has many historical sightseeing spots. For example, the Tsuno Castle ruins in Nichinan City have a history dating back to the Sengoku period, and you can get a feel for the lives of the military commanders of that time. Walking through this land, you can feel the breath of these people through the ages.

1.4 Enjoy local gourmet food!

Another attraction of sightseeing in Miyazaki is the delicious local food. In particular, I love “Chicken Nanban”. The combination of crispy batter, juicy chicken, and sweet and sour tartar sauce is the best, and once you try it, you’ll never forget it. Also, Miyazaki beef is worth trying! There are no words to describe its softness and depth of flavor.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

1.5 Miyazaki tourism services

Miyazaki Prefecture offers a variety of services for tourists. The local tourism association provides multilingual guidebooks and apps that allow foreign tourists to enjoy sightseeing with peace of mind. In addition, at each tourist destination, knowledgeable guides will explain the historical and cultural background in an easy-to-understand manner.

1.6 Summary: Miyazaki’s diverse charms

Miyazaki Prefecture is a region with a variety of attractions, including its beautiful nature, rich history, and local gourmet food. Through my trip here, I was able to experience the beautiful scenery and history of Japan once again. I would like to continue to spread the appeal of Miyazaki and let as many people know about it.

Dig deeper into the charms of Miyazaki! Unique sightseeing spots and local gourmet food

2.1 Spectacular scenic spots created by Miyazaki’s nature

Miyazaki’s nature is known for its beauty and richness. In particular, Takachiho Gorge attracts many tourists with its beautiful scenery. Here you can take a boat ride down the river and enjoy the scenery in a quiet moment. I was moved by the sound of the river flowing and the breathtaking view surrounded by greenery.

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2.2 Recommended tourist destinations for history buffs

There are also places in Miyazaki where you can feel the history. I was able to visit the Obi Castle ruins. Here, you can learn about the history of the castle and the life of the time, and the view from the castle is also spectacular. On a clear day, you could see the mountains in the distance and lose track of time.

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2.3 Enjoy the taste of Miyazaki with local gourmet food

Miyazaki’s gourmet food is also one of the major attractions of sightseeing. All of the dishes are exquisite, made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. In particular, “Nobeoka Hiyashi Chuka” is a perfect dish for the hot summer. The balance between the texture of the noodles and the sauce is exquisite, and once you try it, you’ll be hooked. Also, the “Miyazaki local chicken cuisine” is not to be missed. Its aroma and juiciness are a deliciousness you won’t find anywhere else.

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2.4 Meeting local people

The best part of traveling is meeting the locals. Many people in Miyazaki are very warm and friendly. We ask locals for recommendations on sightseeing spots and restaurants, and sometimes we even share meals together. These encounters made the trip even richer and more memorable.

2.5 Beautiful sea activities

The sea in Miyazaki is clear and beautiful, making it perfect for enjoying marine activities. I also tried surfing. It was difficult at first, but thanks to the careful guidance of a local instructor, I was soon able to enjoy surfing. It was a blissful time to feel the gentle breeze while being surrounded by the sound of the waves and the scent of the ocean.

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Recommended travel plans and accommodations

3.1 Recommended travel plan

When traveling to Miyazaki, it is important to plan well in advance. My recommendation is a one-day plan that includes sightseeing in the city and tasting local gourmet food. With this plan, you can visit major tourist spots in Miyazaki City, such as Aoshima Beach and Miyazaki Shrine, and also enjoy Miyazaki beef and chicken nanban at popular local restaurants.

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3.2 How to choose accommodation facilities

There are various accommodation options in Miyazaki, but I prefer hotels that are close to the center and have convenient transportation. Also, check the cleanliness and quality of amenities. In Miyazaki City, we recommend ANA Holiday Inn Miyazaki and Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort. These hotels offer a comfortable stay and good access to tourist destinations.

3.3 Choosing local souvenirs

At the end of your trip, choose local specialties as souvenirs. In Miyazaki, Taiyo no Shio, Miyazaki mango, and local sake are popular. These products are produced locally in Miyazaki, and their taste and quality are guaranteed. In particular, Miyazaki mangoes are famous for their sweetness and juiciness, making them perfect as souvenirs.

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3.4 Transportation in Miyazaki

It is convenient to travel within Miyazaki City by bus or taxi. We also recommend renting a car. If you rent a car, you can easily explore the surrounding sightseeing spots without worrying about time. At local rental car shops “Nippon Rent-A-Car” and “Times Car Rental,” you can rent a wide variety of cars at reasonable prices.

3.5 Summary: Enjoy your trip to Miyazaki even more

In Part 3, we introduced recommended travel plans, accommodations, souvenirs, and transportation in Miyazaki in detail. We hope that this information will help make your trip to Miyazaki more enjoyable and memorable. I, too, have rediscovered the charm of Miyazaki and would like to continue to convey the charm of this place.

Impressions of the trip

I, Kasumi, have traveled all over Japan, but my trip to Miyazaki Prefecture was a special memory. I was deeply moved by the rich charm of this place, experiencing its natural beauty, the depth of its history, and the warmth of the local people.

Quiet time surrounded by nature

Miyazaki is surrounded by the beautiful sea and greenery, and is a place where time passes peacefully. Going down the river in Takachiho Gorge was a great way to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life, surrounded by the sounds of nature and the wind. The strength and kindness of nature that I felt there will remain deeply etched in my heart.

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The weight of history and tradition

When I visited the Obi Castle ruins, I felt the weight of its history and the breath of tradition. As I gazed at the castle walls and thought about how people have lived, loved, and fought here for hundreds of years, I was reminded of the smallness and preciousness of our existence as we live in the continuum of history.

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The warmth of the local people

Meeting local people is one of the great attractions of traveling. I was exposed to the open hearts and warm smiles of the people of Miyazaki, and learned the spirit of “hospitality” in the truest sense. The time we spent together became an irreplaceable treasure for me.

Diversity of local gourmet food

Miyazaki’s food culture is also a big reason to visit this place. Chicken nanban, Miyazaki beef, and local sake… We were blown away by the fresh, locally sourced ingredients and the traditional cooking techniques that make the most of them. In particular, the sweetness and softness of the Miyazaki mango was an exquisite taste that was unlike any other fruit.

in conclusion

My trip to Miyazaki gave me many discoveries and impressions. I experienced the beautiful nature and history of this area, as well as the hearts of its people, and was able to reaffirm the infinite charm and possibilities that Japan’s regions have. I would like to continue to convey the beauty and charm of Miyazaki to many people, and continue to search for charms all over Japan. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to this beautiful place, Miyazaki.

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Historical buildings selected by Kasumi

In “Historical Buildings Selected by Kasumi,” we have selected five historic buildings in Miyazaki Prefecture that are full of highlights. You can feel the depth and beauty of history in these buildings. Let’s take a look at it together.

1. Obi Castle (Ebino City)

Kasumi points:

Obi Castle was built in the early Edo period, and is characterized by its beautiful stone walls. The view from the castle ruins is also wonderful, and you can enjoy the scenery of each season. This is a particularly recommended spot for history buffs.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

2. Tsuno Castle (Nichinan City)

Kasumi points:

Tsuno Castle is a historic castle ruins that is said to have been built during Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s conquest of Kyushu. Located on top of a mountain, it is impressive with its stateliness and impressive stone walls. You can enjoy the rich nature while feeling the history.

3. Takachiho Shrine (Takachiho Town)

Kasumi points:

Takachiho Shrine is a sacred place that is said to be the setting of myths. It has a long history and is steeped in legends of the gods. When you visit the shrine, you will feel as if you are surrounded by a mysterious power and your soul is cleansed.

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4. Miyazaki Shrine (Miyazaki City)

Kasumi points:

Miyazaki Jingu is a historic shrine located in Miyazaki City. It enshrines the gods that appear in Japanese mythology. You can feel the history and mythology of Japan in this sacred space surrounded by old trees.

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5. Udo Shrine (Udo Jingu, Nichinan City)

Kasumi points:

Udo Shrine is a shrine located in a spectacular location facing the sea. It has been passed down since mythical times, and its beautiful scenery and mysterious atmosphere captivate visitors. You can feel the silence and sacredness while listening to the sound of the tide.

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These historical buildings are places where you can feel the deep history and tradition of Miyazaki Prefecture. If you visit while understanding the characteristics of each, you will be able to feel its charm even more deeply.