The ultimate in Hokkaido tourism: the ultimate guide to historic sights and gourmet food

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library Charm of 47 prefectures

Experience the charm of Hokkaido! Stunning scenery and gourmet foods as seen by Kasumi, a national travel writer

Part 1: What are Hokkaido’s superb views? From my unique point of view, who has traveled all over the country

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Hokkaido’s beautiful natural scenery

Speaking of Hokkaido, the vast land and seasonal scenery come to mind. I have traveled to all 47 prefectures of Japan, but the natural beauty of Hokkaido is particularly special. In particular, the blue pond of Biei in summer and the silver world of Mt.

Impressive Spots Experienced

There are many sightseeing spots in Hokkaido, but the one that impressed me the most was the experience at the Furano Lavender Fields. If you visit in July, the vast fields will be dyed purple with lavender, and the sweet scent will soothe your soul. Also, watching fireflies in this area will never be forgotten for the rest of your life, as the fields are enveloped in a magical glow in the middle of the night.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

 Hokkaido, a gourmet paradise

Speaking of Hokkaido, there are many delicious foods! When I travel, one of my pleasures is to enjoy local gourmet food. In particular, Genghis Khan at “Susukino” is exceptional. Even in Japan, you can feel the unique food culture of Hokkaido, an experience that cannot be experienced in other prefectures. Also, the taste at the popular Sapporo ramen shop “Ippudo” will captivate you no matter how many times you visit.

Services that make the most of local attractions

A service called “Hokkaido Explorer” that I found useful when visiting sightseeing spots in Hokkaido. By using this service, you can get information unique to the local area, such as information on each sightseeing spot and recommended spots for each season. Thanks to this service, I was able to discover many hidden tourist spots.

What is the average tourist turnout?

Hokkaido is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Japan. Especially during the summer tourist season, the average number of tourists is over 1.5 million per month. This is a top-class figure compared to other tourist destinations. I feel that many people visit Hokkaido because of its attractive spots, gourmet food, and unique culture as mentioned above.

The appeal of Hokkaido is so deep that once you visit it, you will never forget it. Every time I visit this place, I can get new discoveries and impressions. In the next part, I would like to delve deeper into the culture and history of Hokkaido. looking forward to!

Part 2: Hokkaido’s Unique Culture and History

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Ainu culture, the center of Hokkaido’s history

Ainu culture is an integral part of Japanese history. When I visited Hokkaido, the most moving experience was the experience at the “Ainu Culture Preservation Association”. Their traditional dances, handmade crafts, and language have a deep history and tradition. Knowing the warmth of the Ainu people and their unique history is one of the great attractions of visiting Hokkaido.

Sapporo where you can feel the footsteps of modernization

Sapporo is the most urban place in Hokkaido. The Former Hokkaido Government Office, located in the center of the area, is a historical building that conveys the architecture of the Meiji period to the present. When you visit this building, you can feel the modernization of Japan during the Meiji era. Sapporo’s “Clock Tower” is also an important spot that conveys the history of that era to the present.

Year-round festivals and events

Hokkaido has many festivals and events that you can enjoy every season. There are many events that can be enjoyed throughout the year, such as the Sapporo Snow Festival in winter and the Summer Audrey Festival in summer. When I attended Audrey in the summer, I was overwhelmed by the excitement and excitement. In particular, fireworks festivals are loved by many tourists and locals as a summer tradition in Hokkaido.

Traditional crafts unique to Hokkaido

Hokkaido’s traditional crafts are also one of the must-see attractions when visiting. In particular, the experience at the “Otaru Glass Studio” was a lot of fun as I was able to create my own original glass work. In addition, you can deeply feel the culture and history of the area by experiencing local traditional crafts such as wood carving and dyeing.

Technology and economy to feel the future of Hokkaido

Hokkaido is a region where new technologies and economic development are remarkable. In particular, at the “Hokkaido Technology Innovation Center” in Sapporo City, I was surprised by the cutting-edge technology and research that I was able to witness. Such facilities and research institutes give us a sense of the future of Hokkaido and make us look forward to the development of next-generation technology and business.

The culture and history of Hokkaido hide many charms in its vast land. What I have experienced is just a small part of it. In the next part, we will focus on hot springs and relaxing spots as our final adventure in Hokkaido, and tell you about their charms.

Part 3: Healing Time in Hokkaido – Hot Springs and Relaxing Spots

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Hot spring culture in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is famous for its abundance of hot springs. A hot spring bath while feeling the taste of the four seasons is the best moment to heal the fatigue of everyday life. In particular, Noboribetsu Onsen is famous for its source quality and variety. When I visited, it was truly blissful to soak in hot water against the backdrop of Noboribetsu’s Jigokudani wilderness.

In Search of More Healing – Luxury Accommodation

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Hot springs are not the only attraction of Hokkaido. The surrounding accommodation is also one of the factors that attracts visitors. Our stay at Hoshino Resorts Tomamu was an unforgettable experience for its luxury and quality of service. The spectacular view from the open-air bath and the five-star dinner were a special time to savor with the great nature of Hokkaido.

Relaxing cafe spot

Urban areas such as Sapporo and Otaru are dotted with trendy cafes. My favorite is “LeTAO” in Otaru. Cheesecakes and other sweet treats captivate every visit. In addition, the calm atmosphere inside the store is the perfect place to soothe the fatigue of your trip.

relaxing spot in nature

In the vast nature of Hokkaido, there are many places where you can calm your mind. I was particularly moved by Yubari’s Biei Hill. The scenery of each season and its tranquility are perfect for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and refresh their minds.

Actively relax! Sports Facilities

For those who want to be active and relax, Hokkaido’s sports facilities are also recommended. At Rusutsu Resort, you can enjoy golf in the summer and skiing and snowboarding in the winter, regardless of the season. Every time I enjoy skiing, I am impressed by the vast slopes and the high quality of the snow.


A trip to Hokkaido is not just about visiting tourist spots. You can feel the true charm of Hokkaido by experiencing its great nature, culture, and healing spots. We hope that through this article, you will feel the deep charm of Hokkaido and choose Hokkaido as your next destination.

I sincerely hope that your next trip will be a wonderful one. How was my trip to Hokkaido, “Kasumi”? We are looking forward to the day when we can tell you about new places and new charms!

Historic buildings Kasumi chose:

Along with the great nature of Hokkaido, various historical buildings are scattered about. The five buildings introduced here are precious spots where you can feel the history and culture.

Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward (Hakodate City)

Kasumi Point: Built in the Meiji period, this building strongly reflects the architectural style of the period when Western culture began to spread to Japan. It features a red brick exterior.

Impressions: When I visited, I could feel the atmosphere of the good old days, especially at dusk, when the atmosphere was romantic.

Former Hokkaido Government Office (Sapporo City)

 Kasumi Point: This building was used as the center of the development of Hokkaido during the Meiji era, and is still popular as one of the symbols of Sapporo City.

Impressions: I was overwhelmed by the magnificent architecture. Along with its historical value, I realized that it has been passed down as a citizen’s pride.

Goryokaku Tower (Hakodate City)

Kasumi Point: A tower that overlooks the star-shaped Goryokaku. You can enjoy it together with the historical scenery around it.

Impressions: The view from the tower was spectacular, and the view while thinking about the historical background was exceptional.

Otaru Canal (Otaru City)

Kasumi Point: Old warehouses still exist, and the scenery reflected on the surface of the water is fantastic. It conveys the vibrancy of the former commercial city of Otaru.

Impression: As I strolled around, I was able to imagine the bustle of the past, and felt the moment when history and the present intersect.

Hokkaido Shrine (Sapporo)

Kasumi Point: Built to commemorate Emperor Meiji’s imperial visit to Hokkaido, it is familiar to many people as a place of hope for the development and peace of Hokkaido.

Impressions: In a sacred space surrounded by greenery, I could feel my wish for the development and peace of Hokkaido.

By visiting these buildings, you can feel the depth of Hokkaido’s history and culture.