In search of the hidden beauty of Saitama Prefecture: A detailed travel guide from historical sights to local gourmet food

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Discover the hidden charm of Saitama Prefecture! Travel Writer Kasumi’s Must-Visit Spots and Experiences

Saitama Prefecture’s Little-Known Charms – Recommended Spots Discovered by Kasumi

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Introduction: The Land of Treasure called “Saitama”

I have traveled all over Japan and have been fascinated by the charm of Saitama prefecture, which many people are unaware of. Saitama Prefecture is also recommended for those who enjoy sightseeing spots and gourmet food due to its good access next to Tokyo.

Irresistible for history lovers! Walking around Kawagoe’s Little Edo

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Kawagoe is known as “Little Edo,” and its townscape that still retains the atmosphere of the Edo period is attractive. As I walked along Kuramoto-dori, I lost track of time and immersed myself in the atmosphere of good old Japan. In addition, tasting Japanese sweets at Okashiya Yokocho in Kawagoe is sure to tickle the hearts of visitors.

Seeking a Moment of Healing: Hot Springs in Chichibu

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When speaking of Saitama prefecture, one cannot forget the name of Chichibu. There are many hot spring resorts in this area, and among them, the hot spring called “Chichibu Yume no Yu” is exactly what the name suggests, where you can spend a dream-like time. I have visited several times, forgetting the hustle and bustle of the city and feeling truly refreshed.

Saitama prefecture’s gourmet is exquisite! Sweet Potato Kinton from Kawagoe

Speaking of Saitama Prefecture’s representative souvenir, “Kawagoe sweet potato”. This mildly sweet Japanese sweet with a melting texture is sure to captivate visitors. When I ate it for the first time, I was also surprised by its deliciousness. We recommend purchasing at Kashinya Kyukyodo, which is highly rated all over Japan.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

The Average Number of Tourists and the Attractiveness of Saitama Prefecture

Looking at the average number of tourists, Saitama Prefecture receives about 6 million tourists annually. This figure is high even when compared to neighboring prefectures. The reasons for this are the spots and restaurants introduced above, as well as the ease of access.

I want you to know more about Saitama’s hidden charms

Saitama Prefecture has many places where you can feel the history and climate of the area. I introduced it based on my experience, but by actually visiting, you will be able to feel even more charm. Please visit Saitama Prefecture on your next trip.

Nature and Local Experiences in Saitama – Kasumi’s Secret Spot

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Nature of Saitama: Sunflower field in Takekawa

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

The vast sunflower field in Takegawa Town is the representative summer scene of Saitama Prefecture. I visited in late summer and was mesmerized by the sweeping golden landscape. With an average of around 100,000 visitors during the summer months, this spot is definitely not to be missed.

You can taste it only here! Urawa Local Gourmet

Urawa, Saitama Prefecture has an abundance of local gourmet foods that are not well known to people outside the prefecture. Urawa’s Togoshi Udon is particularly appealing for its thickness and chewy texture. I thoroughly enjoyed this flavor at Udonya Kihachi.

Instagrammable spot: Windmill in Kumagaya

The windmill in Kumagaya has a beautiful contrast with the blue sky, and has been well received by visitors, saying that it is “Instagrammable”. When I visited, I was able to take a picture with this windmill in the background, and it became a wonderful memory.

Pilgrimage site: Tokorozawa, the stage of “My Neighbor Totoro”

Tokorozawa is the setting of Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece “My Neighbor Totoro”. Here, the scenery that appears in the movie actually exists. I also visited a place called “Totoro’s Forest” and was healed by its deep green nature.

Changes in the average number of tourists

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

According to recent data, the number of tourists to Saitama Prefecture is increasing year by year, and local spots in particular are gaining popularity. I would like many tourists to enjoy my recommended spots.

Deepen Saitama’s nature and local experience

Saitama prefecture is rich in natural beauty and unique local experiences. The spots I introduced are just a few. By all means, please try to find the deep charm of Saitama with your own feet.

Recommendations for a heartwarming lodging experience in Saitama and interaction with the citizens of Saitama

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Soothing inn: “Sainosato” Chichibu lodging experience

“Sainosato” in Chichibu is an inn that I have stayed at several times. Here, you can relax both physically and mentally while feeling the changing seasons with your five senses. In particular, the cuisine that makes use of local ingredients is exquisite, and once you taste it, you will never forget it.

Interacting with Locals: Saitama City’s “Town Walking Tour”

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Saitama City’s “Town Walking Tour” is an experience tour where you can explore the city with a local guide. By joining this tour, you can discover hidden spots not listed in tourist guidebooks and shops that only locals know about. When I also participated, I was able to spend a wonderful time deepening exchanges with the locals.

Feeling the season: Kinchakuda Narcissus Festival

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Every spring, the Kinchakuda fields in Saitama Prefecture are covered with beautiful narcissus flowers. The special scenery that can only be seen during this period attracts many tourists and photographers. When I visited, I was able to have a heartwarming time while enjoying interaction with the locals.

Saitama Crafts: Kawagoe Traditional Handicraft Experience

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Kawagoe is dotted with workshops where you can experience making traditional crafts. I have also enjoyed making bamboo crafts and making Japanese sweets there. Being able to feel the traditions and culture of Saitama through handwork is a special experience.

Summary: Deeper accommodation and interaction in Saitama Prefecture

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

A trip to Saitama Prefecture is not just for sightseeing, it will be a valuable time to interact with the locals and feel the traditional culture. Based on my experience, I sincerely hope that future visitors will have the same heartwarming experience.

Travel writer Kasumi has told us about Saitama Prefecture’s hidden charms and heartwarming experiences. I would be happy if you read this article and feel even a little of the charm of Saitama Prefecture. Please visit Saitama Prefecture on your next trip.

Historical building chosen by Kasumi

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Saitama Prefecture is an attractive place that combines the convenience of the city with the depth of history. So this time, I, Kasumi, will introduce 5 historical buildings in Saitama Prefecture that I recommend.

Kawagoe Clock Hall – Kawagoe City

   Kasumi Point: This Clock Tower was built in the Meiji period and is a familiar symbol of Kawagoe. It has a retro atmosphere and is a must-see spot when walking around Kawagoe.

The five-storied pagoda of Kita-in Temple – Kawagoe

   Kasumi Point: Built in the early Edo period, it is one of the oldest five-storied pagodas in the Kanto region. Its beautiful appearance, coupled with the scenery of the four seasons, fascinates visitors.

Koedo Kawagoe with historical buildings – Kawagoe City

   Point of Kasumi: The charm of the townscape is that it retains a strong remnant of the Edo period. In particular, the “Toki no Kane” and the “Kura no Machi”, where the kura-zukuri townhouses continue, make visitors feel the times.

Oshi Castle Ruins – Kuki City

   Kasumi Point: This castle site is said to have been built at the end of the Sengoku period, and the water moat and earthworks have been preserved as they were at the time. This is a must-see spot for history lovers.

Kinchakuda – Honjo City

   Kasumi Point: Kinchakuda is a place where old rural scenery spreads out. The rape blossoms in spring and the cosmos in autumn are especially beautiful. You can enjoy the collaboration of history and nature.

Saitama Prefecture is dotted with many other historical places and buildings. We hope that history buffs and those visiting Saitama for the first time will definitely visit these buildings.