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Deep dive into the charm of Toyama Prefecture! History and a travel record from a female perspective

Experience the historical background of Toyama Prefecture

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

History of Toyama Prefecture: Hidden Landmarks that Color Japan’s History

Having traveled all over Japan, I was particularly impressed by Toyama Prefecture. This beautiful prefecture deserves more attention than just a tourist destination, but also for its rich history.

Facing the Sea of Japan, Toyama Prefecture has a long history of exchange of cultures and products. Especially in the Middle Ages, it prospered as a commercial city representing the Hokuriku region, and many historical buildings and ruins still remain.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Digging Deeper: Toyama Castle and Its Influence

Toyama Castle is one of the historical buildings known as the symbol of Toyama City. The castle was built during the Warring States period and has been the center of many historical events and cultural transitions. When I visited this castle, I was able to feel its grandeur and the life and culture of Japan in the past.

In addition, the area around Toyama Castle has long been a center of commercial activities and cultural exchanges, and has a lot of historical value. For example, an average of more than 200,000 tourists visit each year, bringing an economic effect of more than 1 billion yen to the local economy.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

The Charm of Toyama Prefecture from a Female Perspective

When I traveled to Toyama Prefecture, I was fascinated not only by its historical background, but also by its daily scenery and people’s lives. In particular, there are many places where you can feel traditional Japanese beauty and femininity, and each of them left a deep impression.

For example, there is a facility called “Toyama Kimono Culture Center” in Toyama Prefecture. Here, you can see exhibits and hands-on experiences related to the traditional Japanese costume, the kimono.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Scenic Spots and Hidden Sights in Toyama Prefecture

Too Beautiful Natural Scenery: Tateyama Mountain Range

Speaking of Toyama Prefecture, you cannot miss the beautiful scenery of the Tateyama mountain range. These mountains are crowded with many tourists throughout the year because you can enjoy the scenery of each season. In particular, when the snow melts in spring, the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is open, and you can witness the spectacular views of the snow-covered Otani and frost-covered trees.

When I visited this alpine route, I was overwhelmed by its magnificent natural beauty. I was particularly struck by this landscape, viewed from a feminine and sensitive perspective.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Fresh seafood from Toyama Bay

As Toyama Prefecture faces the Sea of Japan, it has an abundance of fresh seafood. In particular, Toyama Bay is known as a treasure trove of deep-sea fish, among which white shrimp and firefly squid are famous. These seafoods are loved by many tourists as representative gourmet foods of Toyama Prefecture.

I was able to actually see these deep-sea fish and seafood at the Toyama City Uozu Aquarium in Toyama City. Their beautiful colors and unique shapes tickled my sensibilities as a woman.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library
日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Good old townscape where you can feel the history: Takaoka City

Toyama Prefecture is dotted with townscapes that retain the atmosphere of good old Japan. Among them, the old city area of Takaoka City has many buildings from the Edo period that remain, making visitors think about the flow of the times.

When I visited Takaoka City, I was able to feel the lifestyle and culture of the people of the past while walking through the elegant streets. I was particularly fascinated by the intricate craftsmanship of Takaoka Copperware, a local traditional craft.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library
日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

My Memories and Impressive Moments in Toyama Prefecture

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Fascinated by Japanese sweets from Toyama

Toyama Prefecture is known throughout Japan for its high quality Japanese sweets. I experienced its taste and beauty at the long-established Japanese confectionery shop “Kikukawado” in Toyama City. In particular, the “Hisui Mochi” had a beautiful delicate green color, and I was impressed by its good melt-in-your-mouth and elegant sweetness. I was deeply moved by the color and taste that appealed to the sensibility of women.

Embroidering Experience of Japanese Beauty and Tradition

Many traditional Japanese handicrafts and crafts remain in Toyama Prefecture. I had the opportunity to learn Japanese embroidery at a one-day experience class in Takaoka City. I was able to learn the techniques and history directly from the local craftsmen, and I was deeply moved by their delicacy and depth. The time to create my own work while feeling the passion and story put into each embroidery was very special for me.

Refresh your mind and body in the hot springs of Toyama

No trip to Japan is complete without enjoying a hot spring. Toyama Prefecture is also dotted with many famous hot springs. I visited “Kurobe Gorge Onsen”. Enjoying the scenery of the four seasons while warming your body in the open-air bath surrounded by the rich nature gave me an indescribable sense of happiness. This experience was one of the most memorable in my memories of Toyama Prefecture.

Toyama Prefecture is a place where you can experience not only history and natural beauty, but also the unique culture and traditions of the region, as well as the warmth of its people. I would appreciate it if you could feel its charm through the experiences and impressions of my travels. I would like to continue to travel around Japan and learn more about the charms and culture of each region in order to lead a richer life.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library
日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Summary: Rediscover the charm of Toyama Prefecture

Toyama Prefecture, where the charm of Japan is condensed

Toyama Prefecture can be said to be a place that condenses all the charms that Japan boasts, such as nature, history, culture, gourmet foods, and hot springs. Through my travels, I realized that a prefecture with so many charms is rare.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

What is the real pleasure of traveling?

The real pleasure of traveling is to broaden your horizons by coming into contact with new places and cultures. My experience in Toyama Prefecture is one of them for me. Knowing the history and traditions of the past gave me an opportunity to appreciate the life I have now and to have a vision for the future.

This concludes our in-depth article on Toyama prefecture. Traveling is a wonderful way to grow as we experience new places and cultures. We hope that this article will help you rediscover the charms of various parts of Japan and help you plan a new trip. Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Historical building chosen by Kasumi

Toyama Prefecture is dotted with many historical buildings, each with its own unique charm. Here, I, “Kasumi,” will pick up 5 buildings that left a particularly strong impression on me, and introduce their charms along with their “Kasumi Points.”

Imizu City: Inami Sculpture Center

This building is known as a facility for preserving and exhibiting the traditional carving techniques of Toyama Prefecture.

Kasumi point:

You can feel the depth and history of Inami’s carving techniques, and you can touch the beauty of the craftsmen’s handiwork.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library
日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Takaoka City: Takaoka Great Buddha

Known as the symbol of Takaoka, this Daibutsu is one of the largest in Japan.

Kasumi point:

Its powerful appearance and calm atmosphere in the quiet precincts are its charms.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Toyama City: Former Toyama feudal lord’s mansion garden

This garden was used as a suburban residence of the Toyama feudal lord, and you can enjoy the scenery of each season.

Kasumi point:

You can feel the beauty of a traditional Japanese garden and the historical background.

Nanto City: Gassho-zukuri Village in Gokayama

This village, which is also registered as a World Heritage Site, is a place where traditional building techniques are still alive.

Kasumi point:

You will be fascinated by the old-fashioned lifestyle and the unique warmth and beauty of the gassho-zukuri style.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library

Imizu City: Lighthouse on the Amaharashi Beach

This lighthouse is known as a scenic spot overlooking the Sea of Japan.

Kasumi point:

In addition to functioning as a historic lighthouse, you can enjoy the superb view from its beautiful location.

So far, we have introduced 5 historical buildings in Toyama Prefecture. Knowing the history and background of each building will double your enjoyment and excitement when you visit.

日本が大好きになる図書館 | Fall in love with Japan, Library