The charm and history of Hinamatsuri across Japan! Differences between regions and how to enjoy them today

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The charm and history of Hinamatsuri across Japan! Differences between regions and how to enjoy them today


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This page provides a detailed explanation of the history, origins, characteristics of each region, and how to enjoy the Doll’s Festival in modern times throughout Japan. Travel writer Kasumi uses her own experience to convey the charm of Hinamatsuri in an easy-to-understand manner, making it the perfect content for people who are interested in Japanese culture and those who want to know more about Hinamatsuri. I am. By reading, you can learn about the history and culture of the Doll’s Festival, and get hints on how to enjoy the unique Doll’s Festival in each region.

Hello, my name is Kasumi. As someone who travels all over Japan, traditional Japanese events and festivals are always of interest to me, and among them, the Doll’s Festival is particularly appealing. Doll’s Festival is widely known as an event to pray for the healthy growth of girls, and is celebrated in various ways throughout Japan.

However, if you look into the history of the Doll’s Festival, you will find that it is more than just an event; it has a deeper meaning. Additionally, each region has its own customs and characteristics, and each region has its own unique Doll’s Festival. In this article, we would like to introduce the history and origin of the Hinamatsuri in detail, focusing on the characteristics of each region, and how to enjoy it in modern times.

As a female writer myself, Doll’s Festival is an event that I have cherished since I was a child. Therefore, we hope that through this article you will rediscover the charm of Hinamatsuri and learn more about it. Nowadays, it’s not just about displaying Hina dolls at home, there are a variety of events and services that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and genders. I will share with you all the charms of the Hinamatsuri, including my own experiences and impressions, so please stick with me until the end.

History and origin of Hinamatsuri

Origin of Hinamatsuri

Doll’s Festival is an event that has been held in Japan since ancient times, and its origins date back to the Heian period. Originally, it was a game called Hina Asobi'', and there was a custom for girls to play with dolls in the imperial court and among aristocrats. This doll play later developed into an event calledHinamatsuri”.

Doll’s Festival also has the meaning of warding off evil spirits'' andexorcism,” and it is a wish that girls will grow up in good health. Influenced by ancient Chinese customs, there was also the custom of “nagashi hina,” in which paper and dolls were floated down the river to purify evil spirits.

Hina dolls and peach blossoms

Hina dolls, which can be said to be the main character of the Doll’s Festival, are displayed to wish for the healthy growth and happiness of girls. There are many different types of hina dolls, ranging from luxurious ones to simple ones. When displaying Hina dolls, it is common to display peach blossoms as well. This is because peach blossoms are said to ward off evil spirits and bring in happiness.

History of Hinamatsuri

The customs of Hinamatsuri have changed over time. In the Edo period, the Doll’s Festival spread among the common people and became a more familiar event. Since the Meiji period, the Doll’s Festival has become established as a nationally celebrated event, and is now a popular event throughout Japan.

However, in recent years, while the number of households displaying Hina dolls has been decreasing, there is also a movement to enjoy the Hina Matsuri as an event sponsored by local communities or facilities. For example, Heian Shrine in Kyoto is decorated with gorgeous Hina dolls every year during the Doll’s Festival and is crowded with tourists.

My experience and Hinamatsuri

When I was little, I remember decorating Hina dolls at my grandmother’s house and celebrating with my family. The Hina dolls at that time were so delicate and beautiful, it was like a dream-like world for me. Even now, as an adult, whenever the Doll’s Festival comes around, I think of the beautiful Hina dolls and feel the wonder of Japanese traditional culture.

I believe that the Doll’s Festival is not just an event, but a profound event filled with Japanese history and culture.

Characteristics of Hinamatsuri by region

Japan is a long country from north to south, and each region has its own unique culture and customs. Doll’s Festival is no exception; each region has its own unique characteristics. Here, we will introduce some of the many regions that have particularly unique Doll’s Festivals.

Doll’s Festival with a rich local flavor

Iwate Prefecture: Hiraizumi Doll Festival

The Hiraizumi Doll Festival is held every year in Hiraizumi Town, Iwate Prefecture. Hiraizumi is a registered world cultural heritage site and is an area with many historic buildings. During the Hina Matsuri, various Hina dolls are displayed throughout the town, such as in ancient temples and old houses, for the enjoyment of visitors.

Kyoto Prefecture: Momoyama Goten Hina Festival

The Momoyama Goten Hina Festival is held in Kyoto Prefecture, and is especially famous for its gorgeous Hina dolls. Hina dolls from all over the world are displayed in a space that recreates a samurai residence from the Edo period. You can enjoy the Doll’s Festival while feeling the tradition and history of Kyoto.

Hiroshima Prefecture: Takehara Hina Tour

In Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, the “Takehara Hina Doll Tour” is held, and the old townscape is decorated with hina dolls. This event is held every year by local people and conveys the traditional atmosphere and beauty of Hina dolls to visitors.

My experience and local Hinamatsuri

As I traveled around the country as a travel writer, it was a very interesting experience to experience the differences in Hinamatsuri in each region. The Doll’s Festival, which strongly reflects the history and culture rooted in each region, has a charm unique to that region.

What was particularly impressive was the Hina Meguri in Takehara, Hiroshima Prefecture. The fantastic atmosphere created by the collaboration of the old townscape and hina dolls invites visitors to take a journey through time and space. Along with the warm hospitality of the locals, I was able to discover a new charm of the Doll’s Festival.

People and services that support the local Doll’s Festival

In order to make the local Doll’s Festival a success, the cooperation of local people and businesses is essential. For example, local inns and restaurants entertain visiting tourists by offering special accommodation plans and menus during the Doll’s Festival.

Additionally, as part of regional revitalization efforts, there are examples of tourism events centered around the Doll’s Festival, contributing to the revitalization of the local economy. These efforts are making the local Doll’s Festival more attractive and attracting many people.

Each region’s Doll’s Festival is a unique and attractive event that reflects the culture and history of that region.

How to enjoy the modern Hinamatsuri

Although its form has changed over time, the Doll’s Festival continues to be loved by many people. Nowadays, in addition to displaying traditional Hina dolls, various new ways of enjoying them are being proposed. Here we will introduce some ways to enjoy Doll’s Festival that are unique to modern times.

Participation in events and workshops

In recent years, events and workshops with the theme of Doll’s Festival have been held all over the country. For example, in the workshop for making handmade Hina dolls, you can make your own original Hina dolls, which families and couples can enjoy together.

In addition, special exhibitions of Hina dolls are held at art galleries and museums, where you can see Hina dolls with historical value up close. These events and exhibitions are being accepted by many people as a new way to enjoy the Doll’s Festival.

Connection with local community

Doll’s Festival events that are rooted in the local community help strengthen the local community. The sight of local people working together to make the Hinamatsuri event a success gives you a sense of the love for the region. Those of us who visit can also spend a special time by experiencing its warm atmosphere.

Information sharing using social media

Modern Hinamatsuri has also been influenced by social media. Beautiful photos of hina dolls and event information are shared through platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, allowing them to be seen by more people. As a result, even people who were not aware of the appeal of the Doll’s Festival have become interested in it.

my impression

I personally find the modern Hinamatsuri to be very appealing, as it actively incorporates new ways to enjoy the festival while still valuing its traditions. In particular, I think being able to learn about Hina Matsuri in various regions through social media is a way to enjoy it that is unique to modern times.

Another unique feature of modern times is that you can discover new charms of the Doll’s Festival through participating in events and workshops. The modern Doll’s Festival, where tradition and innovation coexist, will continue to be loved by many people.

Recommended spots and events related to Hinamatsuri

To enjoy the Hina Matsuri even more deeply, we recommend visiting a spot where Hina dolls are actually displayed. There are many places across Japan where events and exhibits are held specifically for the Doll’s Festival. I would like to introduce some of the most memorable spots and events that I encountered during my travels.

Momoyama Palace Doll’s Festival (Kyoto Prefecture)

A spectacular Doll’s Festival event is held every year at Momoyama Palace in Kyoto Prefecture. Inside this historic building, a variety of Hina dolls from the Edo period to the present day are on display, and you will be captivated by their luxury and delicacy. You can also watch the Hina doll production process here, and be impressed by the high level of skill involved.

Hinanosato, Isesaki City (Gunma Prefecture)

Hinanosato, located in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture, is a region known nationwide for its production of hina dolls. Here you can try your hand at making Hina dolls, and various types of Hina dolls are on sale. Additionally, the Hinanosato Festival is held from February to March every year, and the area is crowded with locals and tourists.

Hinamatsuri My event experience

I myself have participated in Doll’s Festival events held in various regions, but the one that sticks out in my mind is the Hiraizumi Doll’s Festival in Hiraizumi Town, Iwate Prefecture. The hina dolls displayed in historical buildings and old houses have elaborate designs tailored to each location, so I never got tired of looking at them. I was also deeply grateful for the warm hospitality of the local people, and was able to experience the true charm of the Doll’s Festival.

Recommended services

In order to enjoy the Doll’s Festival, it is important to gather information in advance. In this case, websites and apps that provide tourist information are useful. For example, on Jalan'' andRakuten Travel,” you can easily search for information on accommodations and events during the Hinamatsuri period, allowing you to plan efficiently.

We also recommend using social media to check out photos and comments from people who actually attended the event. Because information is shared in real time, you can get a better feel of the local atmosphere.

The future of Hinamatsuri and its possibilities

The Doll’s Festival has a long history as a traditional event in Japan, but its form is changing with the times. Here, I would like to consider the future of Hinamatsuri and explore its possibilities.

Fusion of tradition and innovation

At the modern Hina Matsuri, you can enjoy not only traditional Hina doll displays, but also workshops and events. I’m sure new experiments like this will continue to make the Doll’s Festival even more appealing, and provide opportunities for younger generations to enjoy traditional culture.

In addition, the technique of making hina dolls as a traditional craft must be passed on to the next generation. As the craftsman population continues to age, it is important to foster young workers and incorporate new designs and ideas while utilizing old techniques.

As part of regional revitalization

The Doll’s Festival is an extremely effective event that brings out the charm of a region and attracts tourists. Unique Hina Matsuri festivals are held all over the country, and you can enjoy Hina dolls and events unique to each region. It is hoped that the Doll’s Festival will continue to be used as part of regional revitalization.

As a place for international cultural exchange

Doll’s Festival is a uniquely Japanese culture, and at the same time it is a great opportunity to spread its charm overseas. For foreign tourists interested in Japanese culture, the Doll’s Festival is a very interesting event and also serves as a place for cultural exchange.

I myself have had the experience of taking a friend from overseas to a Hinamatsuri event, and she expressed a deep interest in the beauty of Hina dolls and the history and culture behind them. In this way, the Doll’s Festival can be greatly utilized as an opportunity to deepen international understanding.

expectations for the future

Doll’s Festival has a long history and has continued to change with the times. We will continue to cherish this tradition while incorporating new ideas and attempts to develop it into an even more attractive event.

The Doll’s Festival is highly anticipated as a place for regional revitalization and international cultural exchange. It is important for each of us to rediscover this charm and pass it on to the next generation.

Summary and thoughts

If you dig deeper into Japan’s beautiful traditional event, the Doll’s Festival, you will find a rich history behind it, the unique culture of each region, and the love of the people that continues even today. I would be very happy if many people could reaffirm the charm of Hinamatsuri through this article.

Rediscovering the history and origin of Hinamatsuri

By learning about the origins of Hina Matsuri and how it came to be in its modern form, we can go beyond simply displaying cute Hina dolls and understand the meaning and value behind it. . You can also feel the significance of respecting Japan’s old culture and traditions and connecting them to the future.

The charm of Hinamatsuri in each region

Unique Doll’s Festivals are held all over the country, and each region has its own distinct flavor. The many local Hinamatsuri festivals that I have come across through my travels have unique characteristics that are unique to each region, and offer new discoveries and surprises for those who visit.

Doll’s Festival and modern society

Even in modern times, Hinamatsuri continues to be loved by many people. And with the addition of new trials and events, it is becoming even more diverse. Through the fusion of tradition and innovation, the Doll’s Festival has grown with the times and evolved into an even more attractive event.

expectations for the future

In order for the Doll’s Festival to continue to be loved by many people, we must preserve its traditions.

It is important to maintain this while incorporating new ideas and attempts. In addition, by playing a role as a place for regional revitalization and international cultural exchange, it is expected to spread the appeal of the Doll’s Festival to the world.

my impressions

I have traveled all over Japan, and each time I encounter different Hina Matsuri customs and events in each region, I am moved by the depth and diversity of Japanese culture. I feel that the Doll’s Festival is not just an event, but a mirror that reflects Japanese culture and the hearts of its people.

I would be very happy if I could convey the charm of Hinamatsuri to many people through this article. I would be more than happy if you could take this opportunity to enjoy the Hinamatsuri even more deeply. I would like to write this letter in hopes that the future of the Doll’s Festival will become even brighter.

Kasumi point

Shizuoka Prefecture: “Peach Festival Water Parade” floating on the river

In Shizuoka Prefecture, a unique event called the “Peach Festival Water Parade” is held. During this event, gorgeous Hina dolls are loaded onto a boat and slowly sail down the river.

Kasumi point

The appeal of this event is that you can watch the hina dolls moving across the water. The Hina dolls moving while being swayed by the river flow are fantastic, and will be a fresh surprise for visitors.

Kyoto Prefecture: “Hina Matsuri at Heian Shrine”

In Kyoto Prefecture, the Doll’s Festival held at Heian Shrine is famous. Here you can experience the traditional Japanese Doll’s Festival with the display of traditional Hina dolls.

Kasumi point

The Hina Matsuri at Heian Shrine is characterized by its historical atmosphere and the beauty of the classic Hina dolls. You can deeply feel the traditional culture of Japan, so I hope you will enjoy the atmosphere to the fullest when you visit.

Ishikawa Prefecture: Kanazawa’s “Doll’s Festival”

In Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Hina dolls are displayed in townhouses, temples, and shrines to entertain visitors.

Kasumi point

The charm of Kanazawa’s Hina Matsuri lies in the collaboration of historical buildings and hina dolls. The entire town is enveloped in the atmosphere of the Doll’s Festival, and you can enjoy it just by walking around.

Iwate Prefecture: “Hina Meguri”

In Iwate Prefecture, Hina dolls are displayed in houses and stores, and people visit them to see them.

Kasumi point

The unique feature of Hina Meguri is that local residents enjoy Hina dolls while visiting each other’s homes. You can feel the warmth of seeing the entire community enjoying the Doll’s Festival.

Tokyo: “Setagaya Doll’s Festival”

In Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, the Doll’s Festival is held every year with various events and exhibitions.

Kasumi point

The appeal of Setagaya’s Doll’s Festival is that you can enjoy the Doll’s Festival atmosphere without leaving the city. Various events and workshops are held here, making it a popular place for families and couples.